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Let’s make music together!

Easy Music is the perfect initiation into the world of music, no instrument required! Kids as young as 3 will learn to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm, and melody in a nature-inspired game environment.

What’s more, our interactive sandcastle will give your child a space to create endless unique compositions!

Easy Music is available on iOS and Android.

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by Edoki Academy

“Playing music should not be a mysterious thing that only a few can master, it is a gift for all humanity that we can share together regardless of our perceived abilities.”

Michael Emenau,
Musician, Educator & Advisor on Easy Music

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Let's play together!

Compose musical masterpieces with your child from your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV!
Now, also available on all Android devices!

Download Easy Music and get ready to ignite the music within!


Easy Music - Edoki Academy

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